Lisa! No more headaches, digestive issues, skin problems, etc…

Yeppers, PBJ’s.  It is time to meet yet another PBJ rockin this amazing lifestyle.  

I feel many will be able to relate to Lisa, and I am positive her story will give them hope.  There truly is a better life out there for us.  We just have to believe, and make the choice to change.  






So are you ready to meet Lisa?

I, like most people, took advantage of food and just ate whatever I wanted to.  Not even thinking about what I was putting into my body (or caring at times), so of course, I got sick. I got to the point where I was probably about 40 lbs overweight (and would have continued to grow).  I had been on antidepressants since my second son was born. He wreaked havoc on my hormones and I just couldn’t cope without them.  At 41 I started peri menopause and at 42 was thrown into full surgical menopause.  

Lisa close

So…I became a mess…the weight came on even faster.  I ended up on the antidepressants, high blood pressure meds, ulcers and digestive issues (and therefore stomach meds), hormones, etc, not to mention the headaches, skin conditions, fatigue, sleep problems.  I was a mess!!!!!

have no time
So here I was at 46 and laying in bed playing on my iPad.  I saw a friend of a friend post on Facebook that said she lost 10 lbs in 12 days from juicing.  Of course this sparked my interest since it was quick and I wanted to know what and how she did it!  I private messages her and asked her about it.  She said ‘juicing’. She told me to watch Joe Cross’s Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. This was the night before Halloween 2013. Well…I certainly don’t have to tell you how it affected me. I cried of course, then a switch went off inside!  I wanted my life back!  I figured at this point I had tried everything else and this was the one thing I never tried, so why not?  

Lisa closeup

I checked out the website and researched the crap out of (which is what I do with everything LOL).  I was running out the very next day to buy a juicer, and start my reboot. But it was Halloween!!! Candy…yum!  Sugar…a weakness!  We’ll guess what?  I didn’t care! I was ready!!  And you know that when your ready…your ready!  No one can tell you…you have to figure it out for yourself.  So Halloween came and went and I juiced and juiced!  Not having a clue what I was doing and going about it alone. My first reboot was 11 days and I lost 12 lbs!  Woo Hoo! Go me!!!


Ok so my first meal after my amazing 11 day reboot was lasagna!  Ugh…I was in the bathroom all night! Stupid! No I didn’t pay attention to anything they said.  I just knew ‘I had been good all this time and now I deserve this treat!’.  I rebooted several times after that. Each time changing the way I lived AFTER reboot. Learning and realizing that when I put those things back into my system, I didn’t feel good. Sooooooo…7 months later…are you ready for this…

let food be thy medice
I’ve gotten off ALL my medications, except hormones which I have begun weaning myself off of, so I hope to be off them soon too. No more headaches, no more digestive issues, no more skin problems.  I sleep better and had lots of energy!  AND the bonus…I lost 32.4 lbs so far!!! My mom tells me she can see it in my eyes! They’re clear and you can see how healthy and glowing I am!  

Lisa car 2

I first went vegetarian, but now am a fully plant-based vegan. I feel amazing!!!  Then…the exciting part! I enrolled in IIN to become a health coach!!  After that, I’d love to open up a health food store with prepared foods, using local produce, etc and I hope educate kids on making good choices.  (My son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 3 and teaching him nutrition and making good choices has always been something I just do (funny how I didn’t take my own advice though).  My house is a completely different house than it was 7 months ago.

do it now
My life has made a complete turnaround and I can’t thank Joe Cross enough for creating the spark inside me to get my ass in gear and get my life back!  I know I did it myself, but he was the inspiration behind my drive.  And after spending the week in Rhinebeck, NY with the reboot team, it’s confirmed my passion that I am truly on the right path.  Joe is releasing his second movie in September and we got a sneak peek at it.  It’s all about transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle and it’s really inspiring!!  Can’t wait for you all to see it!

Lisa sidebyside

Being plant-based isn’t always easy, but the support of people is truly amazing.  They help you get through those tough times and I am truly grateful for them.  Now I’ve taken on a new challenge and that is to be gluten-free too.  Of course, I go to my PBJ Family for help and support again!  Thank you all for being there!!



Thank you Lisa, for sharing your story with the PBJ Family.  We could not be MORE proud of you.  Keep inspiring, and motivating us.  We are grateful to have you in our small little family :)


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  1. Terry Ashworth says:

    I am so very proud of my daughter! we do not live close and I had not seen her for awhile. when I did it was obvious that she had lost weight (probably half of what she has lost) but the thing that was the most obvious to me were her eyes. they were sparkling!!!! so clear and so bright! that was all I kept saying to her “your eyes are so clear”!!!. before they just looked glazed over to me….for so many years. I don’t know if anyone else knew that and it always bothered me. But now? she is so full of life and I know she will now realize and embrace the life she has been blessed with. she is helping others as well and I cannot begin to say how proud I am !!!!!!!!

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